I was totally disgusted with the way a lot of us behaved

This week I was totally disgusted with the way a lot of us behaved in the wake of the news that a young lady had lost her life. The tragic incident occurred in the picturesque community of Soufriere but no sooner had the news about the death of this young lady broke, did the rumours surrounding the circumstances begin.

Everyone had already conducted their own investigation; everyone had become judge, jury and chief investigator.  Without a care in the world for how a family would react after receiving such heart-rending news someone boldly recorded and uploaded a video of the scene, body and car included. What was even more disrespectful, the request by the uploader to share, comment and like was adhered to by individuals we all thought should know better.

I understand that we have moved with the times, and social media has allowed us many luxuries- false luxuries but luxuries none the less. Such luxuries include the power to become whatever and whoever you want to be.  As I stared at my computer in dismay, at what I was reading, I was introduced to journalists, detectives, gossipers but not one person with genuine sympathy for the family.

The “roro” has encapsulated our people and I fear there maybe no coming back from it. If someone would fall in the middle of the road the new reality would not be to save the person from the oncoming traffic but to pull out my smart phone, hit the camera icon and record for the nightly facebook upload. There are no more good Samaritans or that is what the behaviour of the masses would have us believe. People don’t thrive in knowing that they are a hero anymore, that has been replaced with likes and comments on facebook, instagram and retweets and favourites on twitter.

We have lost all forms of empathy towards our fellow man. We are no longer our brother’s keeper; that knew role is for someone who is probably nameless or faceless. Instead we are our brother’s bully, character assassin or even executioner. It is apparent that the main concern of individuals is not the well-being of others but rather how much this person’s misery can score them some online points later in the night on facebook.

We really have to wheel and come again and know that yes that is our role to be our brother’s keeper. We have to be the ones to jealously guard our brother’s reputation as we would ours. No one wants to live on an island all alone for more than a month, let’s not alienate others because there are shaped differently from us.  Let’s change the way we live with each other.

That’s it for me this weekend ya’ll, take care and God bless.


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