Junior Calypso 2015

Image of Ashley Jules

Ashley Jules

On Wednesday, the sound of sweet calypso brought the National Cultural Centre alive. Powerful lyrics and veteran-like moves from young, adept, newcomers had many speechless; the annual Junior Calypso competition was a wow event.

The young calypsonianscame from primary and secondary schools island-wide.

The participating schools in the primary school category were: Camille Henry Memorial, Ave Maria Girls Infant, Anse La Raye Primary, Ave Maria Girls Primary, Gordon Walcott Methodist Primary, Odsan Combined, RC Boys Primary and Babonneau Primary.

In the secondary school category: Leon Hess Comprehensive, George Charles Secondary, Gros Islet Secondary, Anse Ger Secondary, Choiseul Secondary and Corinth Secondary.

The competition was noticeably a tough one as the competitors all gave powerful performances.

Image of Denisha Danzie

Denisha Danzie

The young calypsonians touched on a number of topics including “Internet Language”, (Anse Ger Secondary), supporting our own, and being proud of Saint Lucian culture, (“Support We Own”, Choiseul Secondary), and political changes, (“Government FAT”, Corinth Secondary).

At last year’s competition, two males were crowned king: Mighty Sizzler from RC Boys Primary and Lil Nick from Corinth Secondary. The two kings fought to retain their titles. However, the competition was stiff and the two were dethroned, and were replaced by two female performers.

DenishaDanzie, representing Ave Maria Girls Primary, won with “Cry for Help”, and Ashley Jules representing George Charles Secondary, got her victory with “Timing”; Mighty Sizzler and Lil Nick both came in second.

In an interview with YO, Ashley, who was overwhelmed with emotion after she was announced winner, admitted that she has participated several times in the past in various competitions, however, was not successful; last year she placed fourth at the Junior Calypso competition.

She credited those who assisted her with her victory: “My teacher Miss (Delphia) Natrum wrote the song for me and Mr. (Wulstan) Alfred and Miss (Iva) Satney coached me.”

“I was surprised, I actually cried, I thought I would come in second” the student said when questioned about her first time victory. She acknowledged that Corinth’s representative is a tough competitor and said that she is thrilled that she emerged victorious.

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