My friends constantly mock me because I dress conservatively

Dear Helpline,

My friends constantly mock me because I dress conservatively and I’m not into fashion trends like them. I’m honestly comfortable that way. I really want them to stop bothering me. What do you suggest I do?

Dear Anonymous,

It is very important for one to voice their thoughts when something is affecting them; this way, you are more likely to get desired results, can make life changing decisions, and also, can have improved spirits, as you are no longer carrying that weight.

If your friends are blind to their actions, and you do not share what is on your mind, their behaviour, most likely, will remain the same. Build up the courage to approach your friends. If you have voiced your thoughts repeatedly, and your friends continue to disregard you, then you need to distance yourself from these individuals.

Remember, friends should respect one another. Do not hang around, or feel an obligation to, because they are your friends. Remember true friends respect each other, and will never harm them intentionally.

If one friend is unhappy with the other, and that individual is not willing to change, then it will eventually create conflict and affect the nature of the relationship. If your friends believe this is harmless humour, shed some light, and inform them that their behaviour is affecting you.

Your friends will probably refrain from teasing you when they realize that you’ve distanced yourself. However, if they don’t, you can join groups where individuals share the same beliefs as you, and you can create positive, new friends.

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