One of the biggest trends on Instagram

Dear Diary,

As a regular user of sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the trends that originate there, seldom escape me.

One of the biggest trends on Instagram for a while now, is women exploiting themselves with the hopes of landing someone who is wealthy and or well-known; Instagram has proven to be more effective than sites like Facebook and Twitter as it is more personal and it is easier to get noticed.

You may say, but hasn’t that trend been around for ages? It has, however, Instagram, seemingly,causes that trend to grow even more rapidly. It’s simple really. If an individual fits an interested person’s requirement, they then get a “follow” and can exchange messages and pictures with the interested person via a “direct message”.

At one point in my life, when I had an interest in modelling, (I shake my head unbelievingly every time I think of it), I thought modelling was primarily about stripping down to bare skin, posting pictures in bikinis. I desperately wish I could go back in time, and erase that part of my life, but sometimes, one has to learn from their mistakes. (If a mistake can be avoided however, ensure that you avoid it. Don’t trick yourself into believing that it’s a step you ‘must’ take because you are seeking temporary gratification or attention).

At that point in my life, all I wanted was to get noticed. Inever had intentions of getting‘lucky’ (landing someone wealthy or famous); I liked the idea of the popularity, and the attention I received. Then one learns eventually, that not all attention is good attention. I am so thankful that my outlook changed. I will always credit my mother for this and my editor (Scady), as well as other influential beings in my life, who preached, that this is not the way to go, and thank them for not giving up on me and seeing my full potential before I ever saw it.

Going back to my initial point, I just want to say that posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or other sites?Scrap that. Posting suggestive photos with the hopes of getting a wealthy partner, or gaining popularity is never worth it; you are constantly disrespected.

Of course, I’m not preaching that you should be dressed in a habit every day of your life. (I love my summer clothing!) However, the way in which you wear your clothing speaks volumes, and the pictures you post, can be harmful in the long run.

“Ti manmay, kouté.”

I always say if I listened to my mother, and other wise persons who tried to get to me, there are so many mistakes I could have avoided. You live and you learn the hard way sometimes though. Take it from me.

Have a good weekend all!

Rae A.

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