Respect is not bought, it is earned

I was once told that respect is not bought, it is earned. I believe that is a factual message and within that message if you read between the lines it will also inform you that while earning that respect, you will also form a coalition with respect and discipline.

I really wish that our leaders were told that line a few times when they attended school. Being a well-rounded disciplined student was etched on my membrane from as early as the first day of school at the George Charles Secondary School. It had to be since we had the stigma of being the unruly and disgraceful beings that nobody wants around, well, in our case no one wanted their children to attend.

Nonetheless, the student body were taught basic skills needed to ensure we respected elders and those in authority. One thing we were told never to do is speak out of turn. “That is disrespectful and rude”, our teachers would say to us. I remembered the first encounter our Dean of Discipline had with a boy. He had just come from another secondary school and was about to learn that lack of respect and discipline would not be tolerated in and out of school. It was that time I saw for the very first time a cane in the hand of the Dean.

Lately I must confess that martinets of the rule have diminished and brazen disrespect seems to be the norm. I have also noticed that before it would be our young persons displaying such blatant and deliberate acts of insolence but alas it is coming from the very people we were taught to respect. The example that adults have now sought to set leaves much to be desired and also sets a frightening precedence for the youth of this island.

The time of monkey see monkey do is still very much alive. In fact we have added a few team mates (technology and internet) to ensure that the mimicking can be done in more timely fashion. The minute you allow yourself to slip up, you can rest assured millions worldwide well revel in your joy or demise.

If we are being told as young people to respect authority and that same authority isn’t leading by example then what can they expect from us. The displays that have been put on by persons who are entrusted with running our country and in essence, our very existence has for years now been far from what we expect as a nation to be and if it does continue in that trend, I shudder to think what the outcome of those behind us will be.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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