U4RIA īnspīrātiōnem

Teddyson John

Teddyson John

U4RIA (euphoria) has become one of the most anticipated events on the calendar of activities for our carnival season.  Born a mere three years ago at the Gaiety on Rodney Bay, Teddyson John gave Groovy Soca lovers an option of a night of solely sweet Soca music in an intimate indoor atmosphere.

This year, saw a move that caught many by surprise. Teddy would take the event from the security of indoors to a transformed venue under the starry sky. Not even the Groovy Monarch had dared such a move, but one must just be familiar with the team that is the foundation of the Teddyson John Project to understand that it just takes a little to spark the īnspīrātiōnem (latin for inspiration) needed to create a venue that will forever resonate in the hearts and minds of fans.

Such vision would transform an alluvial parking lot into a garden of Soca purity. The code for the night was white and as promised the event was a master class production at the highest level. U4RIA featured the island’s hottest, brightest upcoming Groovy acts together with more seasoned but current artistes in Sirlancealot, Sedale, Wildfire and Groovy Monarch Arthur.

The love and appreciation for the opportunity to entertain a diverse and unique audience, was felt with every delivery and was returned with even more appreciative applause by the mammoth crowd. Even the usually reserved V.I.Ps joined in the waving and dancing when international superstars Kerwin Dubois, Tian Winter and Skinny Fabulous appeared on stage.

But the man of the hour, Teddyson John, raised the bar a bit higher once again with his eclectic performance which included stilt walkers, professional modern dancers, our very own Helen Folk Dancers, a live jouvert rhythm section and special gift of his album on every patron’s phone.

As patrons applauded the move by Teddyson to invite everyone who had played an inspirational role in the success of  U4RIA īnspīrātiōnem, many asked the question if he should return indoors with next year’s event, that answer however, I reckon will remain in the air for a little while.

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