An under-aged student participating in sexual acts

Rae A.

Rae A.

Dear Diary,

After one has spoken on a topic several times, sometimes, they get that nagging feeling that they have exhausted that topic and want to cry out in anguish. Enter, the latest video to go viral in our local community on social media, an under-aged student participating in sexual acts.

My article will not be centered on the minor who was filmed, but on the individual(s) who recorded the activity, and those who circulated it. Before I continue, I want to ensure that I am not misconstrued by saying flat out that the female student should not be engaging in such activities, and of course, vice versa.

This recent case has brought about such annoyance on my part because I find it baffling. I fail to understand why others are so keen on wounding others—how can one sit in front a device or with device in hand, most times, I surmise, eagerly and impatiently waiting for the moment it hits the web? How can one derive pleasure from something that is destructive to another’s image? My first thought was, ‘who raised you?’ However sometimes, parents try so hard, yet children fail to adhere to their teachings.

This child now has a lifetime of humiliation to face. Some will hurriedly say that it serves her right as she has no right to be involved in sexual acts when she is not of age. I concur, she is not. However, is this ‘right’? No, I will not condone this trend.

Young men and women, we are on a disastrous path. Girls, I will candidly inform you, that sex can wait. Young men, that goes for you too. Being a member of the male gender does not automatically grant you a pass. No sir, you too, must wait.

Why the rush? Like adults remind children ever so often, boyfriends and girlfriends will always be around. Wait until you are old enough and feel that you have met the right one, to participate in adult activities.

Just this week, I was telling our intern that when she is of age, and feels that she is ready for a relationship, that she should ensure that it is with someone she genuinely cares about and who cares for her in return. Too many times we hear stories of casual encounters and stories of regret.

Because we, (those who make up the YO! team), have revisited this topic so many times, I feel that I understand what it is like for parents who love their children unconditionally. In the sense that, sometimes, you feel like no matter how hard you try, you are unable to reach them.

However, you never stop fighting for them. You caution them about the same thing, a million times, a million ways. Even when you feel like it is falling on death ears.

I really appreciate our readers. Trust me when I say you keep us going and are unbelievably inspiring. Stay focused. And although the wrong path may be tempting, avoid it at all costs, because when you reach the end of the road, it is brutal and unforgiving.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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