Carnival season has come to a close

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

Carnival season has come to a close. I must say, I enjoyed attending the numerous events—what a season!

During the season, we were introduced to a number of upcoming artistes who, once consistent with their material, I have no doubt, will go on to accomplish great things.

Earlier this week, I met an upcoming artiste; his easygoing nature was the first thing I noticed. (I am unable to disclose the individual’s name this weekend, but promise that that person will be highlighted next week, God willing).

Many times, people complain about local public figures who are somewhat difficult to deal with, because the fame got the best of them—this has affected careers.

I’m sure that underneath what may be a façade in these cases, is a beautiful soul. However, it is hard for others to see.

My message to you this weekend is that a negative attitude can become a stumbling block in one’s career. Being approachable goes a long way and is one of the traits that employers look for in others.

A negative attitude gets one nowhere.

On another note, I have finally completed my course in media communications and journalism. I have been providing you with constant updates, (you’re probably annoyed). But one thing I can tell you is that accomplishment feels great.

The aforementioned course also covered Social Media Marketing along with Integrated Marketing and Promotions: I enjoyed the two immensely!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone; hope you are enjoying every minute of summer!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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