During summer break, seek internship or employment


Dear Diary,

It has always been recommended that older students, during their summer break, seek internship or employment at an establishment.

The thought alone, can bring about much annoyance for some. After all, after these arduous school months, one wants to forget about their previous obligations, poolside or beachside, daily if possible, whilst browsing through their social pages.

However, the aforementioned recommendation is never intended to “torture” students, but to assist them in taking, or remaining on the right track.

During the summer, we had an intern, Kylee, (one of the nicest persons you will ever come across), here at YO! Perhaps, you have seen her articles in the magazines, all, very impressive.

Kylee, who recently graduated from school, will soon be attending a higher institute of her choice. What I admire about her is that she opted to do an internship, instead of spending her summer days at home, or with friends.

Now, do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in having some good fun. You have worked hard, and you deserve it. However, students in their final year especially, should make an effort to do an internship as it usually proves to be a plus in the future: the simple explanation, it looks good on your résumé or school application; it shows off your sense of determination, which is an admirable trait.

P.S, it’s not always a monotonous routine; it can be exciting and may allow you to see life from a whole new perspective. Think about it.

This is where my diary entry comes to a close. Enjoy what is left of the summer and ensure that you are ready to take that step into school or work. It will be tough, but, it will be enjoyable and worthwhile.

Have a good weekend my loves, toodles!

Rae A.

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