For years revellers have complained to band leaders about constant road side invasion

We throw around the word abuse so much lately that it has actually won its self a place in this weekend’s Slouch as opposed to me writing about the almost incident free Carnival we celebrated a few days ago. You see I was ready to go in to town on the folks who claim the carnival was free of violence, hey, excuse me but what carnival were you actually a part of? It couldn’t be the same one I experienced for the past two days.

For years revellers have complained to band leaders about the constant road side invasion by and to be fair the authorities to a point did deal with the situation. More barricades and extra policing on the route proved to work miracles, oh, I can’t forget the threat that anyone caught invading a band would be arrested on the spot. That year, I can say as a member of a carnival band, it was my first invader free jump I had ever experienced.

But something happened because the year after it went back to the bad old days. This year was a little different. These hooligans and thugs got a tad smarter than the average cop and band leader. They weren’t waiting at the junction in the city center anymore, they were actually waiting for the band on the highway, where, you guessed it, and there were no barriers and very little police presence.

I watched for two days with disgust as roadside revellers made their way to the meeting point sometimes earlier than the revellers that paid their thousands to jump in their favourite band. I feel it for the revellers who had to endure the constant pleas from their music truck to those who didn’t pay to jump in a band to leave “please and thanks”.

The carnival bands opened their arms to everyone months in advance and a few even dropped their prices in an effort to accommodate those who couldn’t afford to pay the exorbitant prices from other bands. Why couldn’t these individuals take advantage of the specials and discounts is beyond me, but what I find really troubling is why did the threat of arresting anyone caught invading a carnival band expire after one year.

I realized that I actually did go in on the carnival season and made no mention about the word abuse that has been thrown around loosely as of late. Hmmm, maybe there is space next week for me to vent about that subject.

Have a good weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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