Mas Attack: The Last Jump

By: Kylee Charlemagne

Photos By: Rae Anthony

Mas Attack LIVE- the Finale Fete was held at Samaan’s Park on Saturday 25th July.As expected St. Lucians seized the opportunity to free up one last time and part with Carnival 2015 the right way.

No time was wasted in commencing the show. The younger, aspiring soca artistes faced no challenges in prepping the crowd for the highly anticipated seasoned performers. Announcer Donerville offered a smooth transition between acts.In no time, the artistes had the glow stick-bearing feters circling their hips round and round and grooving to the loud, up-tempo soca sounds.

Performers that night included Superman HD, Teddyson John, Ricky T, Arthur Arlain, Ezra, Sedale and Wildfire, DJ Hollywood HP, Sir Lancealot, CJ, Bandit, mysterio, Ambi, shemmy J, Piton Socastarz performers, Sweet Kay and backup by DYP.

Among Crowd favourites were the phenomenal performances by Arthur Arlain (Groovy soca Monarch King)–“Who I Am”, Sedale- “Neighbour” and of course, Ricky T and Superman HD (Power Soca Monarch Kings) –“Perfect Storm”.

Ricky T closed the show, leaving the crowd yearning for St.Lucia Carnival 2016 and perhaps a Mas Attack part 2.


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