Meet Herma Demacque – The Voice in the Afternoon

Herma Demacque

Herma Demacque

Herma Demacque is a driven individual with goals in life which includes but is not limited to financial independence, furthering her education, and learning and understanding radio and the media industry under the guidance of veteran broadcaster Mighty Mike Rogers. It is rare to hear a young female voice command the airwaves during drive time. That slot had often been reserved for a high energy, ever blazing and energetic male baritone. But, like the station that she is employed with who readjusted the rules by being the first all talk radio station in St. Lucia, she was given the 9 – 10a.m. and 2-6p.m.slot. Find out more about the young native from Canaries who I’m sure many of us remember from the National Queen Pageant two years ago.

We first heard about you as a participant at the National Queen Show, tell us about that experience.

Preparation for the Carnival Queen Pageant contributed to my development in many ways. The pressures of the pageant pushed my limits and really encouraged me to be more expressive. It was actually very difficult because it took me out of my comfort zone and made me more aware of myself, my expressions and more sensitive to the people around me. I learned to let go and realize that I am not in control of everything.

You have since transitioned from the stage to the radio, what brought on that 360?

I needed a job that would challenge me and help me to continue to develop. I am very interested in venturing into journalism and radio is a wonderful start.

What made you want to work in all talk radio station as opposed to a radio station with music and talk?

All talk chose me and I grew to love it. “wVent” gives me a voice and affords listeners an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions. It is important to tell one’s story and “wVent” provides that opportunity.

Who are your inspirations and what are your aspirations?

I am inspired by the people around me. Friends and Family, Senior announcers and staff at work. But I also have a list of other inspirations India Arie , Maya Angelou, Joy Matty and recently added Charmaine Gardner.

Herma Demacque

Herma Demacque

We recently celebrated international youth day in St Lucia to very little fanfare, do you think enough is being made to celebrate our young people?

An emphatic No! I’m going to try to be diplomatic here. There’s alot of talk on the importance of Youth. Yet the leaders take little interest in the development and the celebration of Youth day. Kudos to those who do.

If you were given the opportunity to change one thing about the world, what would you do and why?

I am not sure about the world but I think we are too conservative in St. Lucia and not privy to change. This hinders our development.

Are you happy with what you are doing right now or do you have plans to move on to something different?

Yes, I believe that I have found my niche in radio and media however change is inevitable and so I am open to new opportunities.

We have many young people dreaming about working on radio and being a part of pageants, what advice can you offer to them?

Find a good mentor and pray that patience is a gift afforded to them. Stay true to yourself get to know yourself and your likes and go after it like a PitBull on a tire.

Finally, what do you do when you’re not working?

I take every opportunity to exercise my creative mind. From writing to reading, doodling and Zentangle and Sewing too.

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