Miss Queen of Gros Islet: The Vivacious 5


Nest week Saturday the Miss Queen of Gros Islet will crown the 2015 Queen from a group of beautiful, intelligent, and vivacious contestants. Vying for the prestigious title are five representatives from different communities in the town of Gros Islet namely Melissa Harte (Corinth), Chelsea Joseph (Corinth), Talia Hyacinth (Marisule), Chancy Fontenelle(Rodney Bay) and SherisPaul (Beausejour).  The pageant takes place at the Sandals Grande and promises to be one of grace and elegance. The winner will receive among other fantastic prizes, a $16,000.00 scholarship grant towards her college degree.


Melissa graduated from the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School with an award in English Literature and Theatre Arts for “Dance” including a certificate for most outstanding performance of 2011. Following her secondary education Melissa attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College – Division of Arts, Science and General Studies. Her subjects included English Literature, Sociology, and Management of Business and Communications Studies. In her first year at college she joined the Arts Club and was nominated co-head of the dance department within a year. This opportunity was one of her greatest achievements to date. She enjoys the other aspects of art, for example drawing, painting, Poetry and exploring different cultures via the World Wide Web with a belief to uplift and motivate herself and others around her. She aims to inspire and comfort as many people in her lifetime as she possibly can. Her favourite quote by an unknown writer reads —– “If you wish to see a positive change in your surroundings, you must first be the change you wish to see.” Melissa’s dream in the next five to ten years is to become a renowned Cosmetologist, to manage or own a first class unisex Salon or Spa that caters mainly for NATURAL HAIR CARE, including natural body care treatments.


An epitome of strength, unique character, personality, beauty and dance are conundrum of words narrating the story of Chelsea Joseph.  Born on January 19, 1995, the only daughter of Gale Sylvester and Gairy Simon, Chelsea attended the Ave Maria Girls’ Primary and succeeded at the Common Entrance Examination to the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.  After five years of secondary schooling she attained nine CXC passes namely; Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Theatre Arts, Office Administration, English, Mathematics, Spanish, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business and Social Studies and was particularly proud when she was presented with two additional awards that of Theatre Arts – for Dance and House Captain. In Chelsea’s quest for broadening her knowledge and education, she enrolled at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in 2012 to pursue an associate degree in Business Administration and graduated from the institution in 2014. Chelsea lives at Corinth and has a great passion for dance with dreams of one day becoming a professional dance choreographer and a certified accountant. Chelsea currently holds the position of Assistant Dance Coordinator with the CAM Dance Troupe.


Talia Cynthia Hyacinth was born on June 7, 1997 to Jenife Hyacinth andMattisDahlia; she is the youngest of six siblings and resides in MarisuleGros Islet. While growing up Talia had a passion for teaching;on many occasions she would be found teaching her cousins English Language, mathematics or any subject from the school curriculum. She was a member of The Duke of Edinburgh Club of St. Lucia and a former participant in “Miss Drug Free” 2011.It was a very enlightening experience for all candidates and Talia remembers that participants were educated in the “Say No to Drugs” campaign. In 2012 she was chaperon to a young contestant at “The Little Miss Sparkle” pageant; her assigned contestant performed incredibly well and won the crown and title that evening. It occurred to Talia at that point that her willingness to teach, assist and impart knowledge from a tender age was truly her calling. She would like to pursue a career in Nursing or Teaching in the near future.


Eighteen year old Chancy Fontenelle was born in Grande Riviere and is currently a student at the International School of St. Lucia; her dream is to become an architect.
Her artistic capabilities in the visual arts were apparent at the age of six. Chancy has been regularly encouraged by her peers and family to reach for the highest heights; her diversity in the field improved over the years. As a self-motivator Chancy developed a myriad of additional skills to apply to her repertoire.
In 2014 Chancy attended an art exhibition in Manhattan USA for St. Lucia’s 35th Independence anniversary held at the Consulate General office, the youngest artist showcasing seven artistically designed art pieces.


“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence is then not an act but a habit.”  These are the words of Aristolefrom which Sherisderived philosophy is derived from. She believes that success can only be achieved through intense hard work and dedication.  Sheris Paul was born on May 3, 1995 to Attala Paul and Elicus Innocent. The youngest of three siblings, she deeply appreciates her only brother, Shayne Paul who has contributed immensely to her holistic, social and moral development. She describes herself as a fun loving individual with a pleasant personality.  At a young age, Sheris embraced training in dance and drama affording her the opportunity to develop an immense passion for the stage; she attended the Ave Maria Primary School and the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. During her five years at secondary school she continued developing her creative nature and flair for the performing arts.

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