My friend parties way too often

Dear Helpline,

My friend parties way too often. I know it’s not a bad thing to go out but she goes out so often and she spends way too much and doesn’t know when enough is enough.

Dear Anonymous,

At times, it can be challenging to get a friend to take good advice, especially in cases where the individual is adamant about doing the wrong thing; don’t be discouraged.

You must inform your friend about the dangers of this pattern. This advice may seem a bit worn out, however, you need to ensure that you play your part. It may be difficult to reach her by preaching; try doing it in a different manner.

Question yourself—what is the best way you can get her to listen? If you were in her position, what do you think would make someone finally get through to you? It may take a while to come up with a solution, but eventually you’ll get there. Some persons use public figures as an example when they want to reach another. Did that person have the same problem? What was the outcome?

Others use regular persons like parents, or another individual in society as an example.

Let your friend know that spending frivolously can affect her greatly. Not only will her finances suffer, but this may even force her to place her aspirations on a back burner.

Like you mentioned, it is fine to go out and have a good time, however, she must know when to stop. You can also help her find a replacement. Encourage her to try something new: join a club, help someone; something along those lines.

You can also do online research and speak to an individual who will offer you sound advice. You can even suggest that she go to counselling; there are many local organizations that offer free sessions; you can attend the sessions with her. Also let her know that there’s nothing “wrong” with counselling; it’s perfectly okay.

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