Sexy in Black

It was one of the most talked about events of the year, with names like Olatunji, Farmer Nappy, Fadda Fox and Lead Pipe to attract patrons.

Held on July 17, at Gaiety on Rodney Bay, Sexy in Black, as the name indicates, was one of the sexiest events of the year.Individuals, clad in black attire, came out in large numbers, to witness a stellar show.

The entertainment from performing artistes was done in true bachaanal style, and had attendees swinging from side to side, pump fisting, and grooving all night long.

Mongstar, Arthur, Sir Lancealot featuring Michael Robinson, Sedale, Superman HD, Ricky T and a number of other local artistes, along with the regional ones, brought an exhilarating feel to Gaiety that night.

There were a few surprises for attendees too: “Transcend” performer, Lyrikal, made an appearance at the event. Olatunji, a stellar performer, received a resounding encore from attendees.

The highlight, however, was when Farmer Nappy and Farmer Fox joined the artiste on stage to perform; the three informed the crowd that this was their first time sharing the stage together, a proud moment.

After their performance, the trio held hands, a symbol of unity, and the closing of the show.

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