Shemmy J, “Like a Star”

Shemmy Johannes aka Shemmy J

Shemmy Johannes aka Shemmy J

This year’s carnival season saw the emergence of a number of local soca artistes, amongst them Shemmy Johannes, who is widely known by his stage name, Shemmy J.

Confident in his abilities, Shemmy J, singer as well as songwriter, composed the single that gained him recognition, “Like a Star”, a groovy single, in January of 2015.

Success followed shortly after completing the single.

“When I joined Vybez Productions,my producer Miguel Joseph introduced me to the Island Vibes riddim.The single fitted very nicely on that riddim so he encouraged me to do that song and said that it would be a big single,” the artiste said.

He was somewhat skeptical to record the single, however he was eventually convinced by his producer.

“We then headed to Heights Music, and it was mixed and mastered by Francis Leebo De Lima,” he added.

At 17, he has done quite well for himself. The singer has penned hits for rising artistes like himself: Shemmy J is the main writer for Sweet Kay’s “D Vibe” and CJ’s “Sweff Jook”.

He has also assisted in co-writing a number of hits: Shemmy has co-written songs like J. Mouse’s “Hurt It”, Superman HD’s “So It Is” and Sir Lancealot’s “Family”.

Interestingly, Shemmy J, who started singing when he was in the second form at Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School, started off as a dancehall artiste.

“Dancehall is actually my main genre,” he said. The artiste admitted that as a result of most Saint Lucians gravitating to the soca genre, he made the transition into that genre, which he also loves.

He intends to return to dancehall music in the future however.

Although he loves performing, he, initially, wanted to be solely a songwriter. That changed when others around him recognized his vocal prowess.

A former resident of Pavee, Shemmy, who lives near the Millennium Highway, has performed at a number of events, namely, Cooler Fete, Mas Attack, Soca Switch, Uncle Superman’s Family Extravaganza, Pork Fest, school events, and a number of others.

The artiste,who plans on returning to the studio soon, laughingly stated that “the work never stops.”

At the time of the interview, he was on his way to work on new material with local artiste Sedale.

Currently, the singer/songwriter is working with a number of artistes and promises that there are many more surprises to come in the future.

As for whether he intends to participate in next year’s Groovy Monarch, absolutely, he said.

If there’s one thing you need to know apart from the obvious, it’s his good-natured ways and humble character.

Shemmy Johannes, I’m positive, will continue to shine “like a star”.

Give it up for the man; now let me hear you say, “O-kay-lay-lay”!

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