Sweet Kay – The Future of Soca


It isn’t until you meet this rising singer/ songwriter known as Sweet Kay in person, that you believe she’s only 17. She was christened the name Sweet Kay by her friends while searching for a stage name.

Kisha ‘Sweet Kay’ Joseph has already released two singles. Her most recent single ‘D Vibe’ – written by Shemmy J and produced by Claude Jonas of BCJ Productions and Miguel Joseph ofVibezProductionzwas released just in time for St. Lucia Carnival 2015 and has been radio broadcasted nationwide and performed by her at various Carnival events.

Her energetic and captivating stage presence surely hypes up the crowd and ensures ‘D vibe’ is felt by all. Having decided to pursue a music career, Sweet Kay aims to become an international artiste and is currently working on a few new songs.

YO! : What inspired you to pursue music?

Sweet Kay: I started jumping kiddies carnival and I couldn’t refuse the soca music from the time I hit the road. I would also watch Soca Monarch on television – at that time OECS Soca Monarch was playing and I always saw myself on the big stage.

Sweet Kay got her start writing jingles for sports at Ave Maria. In 2013, she participated in her first competition called Junior Calypso Competition and placed second with her entry ‘Pweh Tan-u’ which she composed herself.While attending Corinth Secondary School, Sweet Kay won the schools’ Mathematics Song Competition and placed second in their Groovy and Soca Competition, with power entry ‘Fire Waist’ and groovy entry ‘Shake It Up’.

YO! : You have been busy this carnival season…Where have you performed your new song and how did it feel?

Sweet Kay: It was a great opportunity and a dream come true. I perfomed at Start, Kaiso Head Quarters, Inter-commercial House, Inter-schools Groovy and Power Soca Competition, Line Jam, Soca Monarch, Mas Attack and Red Unlimited Carnival Band on Carnival Tuesday – backed up by DYP.

She then enthusiastically spoke of soca singer Destra Garcia, whom she recently met, as being her idol because of her high energy performances, vocal skills and humble character.

YO! How have you overcome challenges you have faced along the way?

Sweet Kay: When I just started, I used to feel nervous. Then I said, “Kisha you know what, just relax, you know that’s what you want to do so just go for it!” From that time all stage fright gone! All nerves go away as soon as I hit the stage.

YO! : What advice can you offer others who wish to follow in your footsteps?

Sweet Kay: Follow your dreams, keep your head high and don’t let people bring you down. Stay focused! The sky is the limit!

She proudly described ‘D Vibe’ as being the perfect year round song. She revealed that the goal was to capture the various ways the revellers express themselves during the carnival festivities which makes you want to feel ‘D vibe’.

She expressed gratitude towards her manager Mareen Alexander, Shemmy J ( friend and co- composer of D vibe),producers Claude Jonas of BCJ Productions and Miguel Joseph of VibezProductionz and all other members of her team for the success of her new release.

By: Kylee Charlemagne

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