The International School – A Student’s Gateway To Success

The number one concern for any parent and student when entering a learning institution is the level of academic success they will receive at the end of their tenure. When we first entered secondary school, the ultimate goal was to succeed at the Caribbean Examination Council exams then move on to college.  For some it is just an empty wish and for others it is the backbone for excelling.

The latter was witnessed first hand at the graduation ceremony of the International School. Everything one can expect at a graduation ceremony was present, smiling faces, a few tears, and the ever present feeling one gets when the realization that you won’t be seeing those friendly faces and favourite teachers again finally sets in; but one thing struck me.

The International School celebrating nine years in operation had fully equipped a graduating class with the power and the tools needed to change the world. As the graduates sat, eagerly awaiting to flip their tassels from right to left, more knowledge and encouragement was offered by their principal who urged them to continue making a memorable mark in their endeavors.

Considered the gateway to universities in Canada, United States of America and the United Kingdom, the International School of St. Lucia’s mandate of offering students a world class curriculum in a world class learning environment, reaped immense dividends as students from the graduating class had impressively secured scholarships to study abroad at some of the world’s leading universities, York, Wilfrid Laurier and Hollins just to name a few.

Of course one can make the argument that with the best faculty comes such rewards but the surprise came when teachers themselves applauded the students for not doing their work to please the teacher but rather doing it to ensure success at the end of the semester.

As each student prepared to depart the school with the power to change the world, they thanked the teachers who had been instrumental in helping them unlock qualities that for some take a lifetime to understand.

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