The spicier the scandal the quicker the shares

It is so easy to vent and use social media to gain some cheap likes and shares. We all know that the norm of the day on Facebook is the spicier the scandal the quicker the shares and the higher the like quota will be. I have already convinced myself (not as difficult as one may think) that for the majority of Facebook users their online life expectancy often depend on the amount of likes and shares they receive on the social network.

A few days ago, I released my frustrations in a respectful way via the social media and I was overwhelmed at the number of friends who felt the same way I did. I even saw a few likes from persons who in my opinion had absolutely no clue what the topic of the day was but hey, anything to be in loop or as we say, “the sauce” right?! My frustration was aimed at the Government on new piece of legislation regarding drivers and their road ready documents. Long story short if you were deemed to be ineligible to drive a hefty four figure sum would undoubtedly be the reward for your insubordination.

Of course, your boy has a history of absentmindedness and immediately I took to Facebook lamenting that our officers use the equipment they had previously been making headlines for in the news. So ground breaking and revolutionary was the news that our force was equipped with devices capable of connecting with a data base to provide real time information on a drivers status that I immediately went to clear any debts I may have had with the “road”.  I implored them to use their 4G devices to deduce if an individual’s credentials was current as opposed to going by a piece of plastic alone and yes I did ask for a reduction in the charge.

Of course I had persons disagree and some even attempted to dissuade me with their own interpretation of the facts I was adamant to at least have an audience with the individuals responsible for that change. Imagine my surprise when I received an email the next day from the authorities indicating a change in the cost for the violation. No longer was it going to be $1000.00, it had now decreased to $250.00. Oh happy day!

What has this taught me? Our Facebook page can be used for many things including reaching persons who we think are impossible to talk to. However, most of us hardly get the desired result because of the language we use and the attitude that exudes from a Facebook status. I can’t say I am not grateful a change was made and frankly I am not the least bit concerned if my status didn’t play a role in the change, but, I know one thing for sure, they are watching and listening to the young people’s preferred mode of communication.

Take care ya’ll and have a great weekend.

God bless.


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