To be seen, yet invisible,
To dream of the impossible
Living in a world of complete deception and betrayal,
Eventually, the pain becomes a bit surreal
To have success, yet not believe
To suffer from the failed attempts to achieve
Losing yourself in the language of music talking to you
Abruptly, life as you knew it ceases,
And things are as good as new,
But eventually things come back
And novelty of disappearing in your remedy wears off
Even disappearing into your safe haven,
Boarded with four purple walls,
Now seems to feel like walking in isolated halls
All alone and empty.
To be loved unconditionally
By your two creators
Up till now, never ever felt worthy of that love.
So many faults, so much hurt, so many let downs,
Lost in the dark, drifting like a kite in the wind.
Lost the path of the light, hunger to reach the sky’s height
And will fight to get there with all their every might!

By: Jolly Jols

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