My heart said:
“It’s okay to love again
This time I’ll catch you.
Be careful who you fall for,
Because not everyone is true.”
I’m crazy, You’re crazy,
Me loving you, Now that’s crazy
What I didn’t see was my place
And that was number two.
She was the one,
Your number one.
Funny how you said that you’d love me,
And that you’d never hurt me.
While I was trying so hard to hold on to it,
To us—
You were busy trying to forget
To delete the memories of us.
Love bites in sight but that’s alright,
I’ll cry tonight then make things right;
I called ten times’‘cause I was in pain
But that was in vain.
I hope when I don’t call at all
I won’t be at fault
‘Cause I cared so much when you didn’t care at all
Yesterday I was engaged to memories from weeks ago
But today, I’m married to letting go
So call me Mrs.Moving On
Cause baby, I’m done


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