Just before the end of time, I wish…
I wish to be me
So that the world will know me for me.
I wish to be great,
So that everyone will look up to me;
I wish to be informative,
So that everyone would listen.
I wish to seek love,
Just so I can share;
I wish to be peaceful,
So that I can teach my fellow brothers and sisters
I wish to be healthy,
So that I can help others
But most of all, I wish….
I wish you wouldn’t cry when I leave
For I will leave with you all these great memories of me
Memories of what I will fulfill when I started wishing.
It will be hard to see me, but
I will be sitting right next to you,
Laughing with you,
And comforting you,
While you reminisce on all that I have accomplished all these years ago;
All because I started wishing before the end of time.


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