Ariel Albert – Top Honours

Ariel Albert

Ariel Albert

Every year, the island’s students continue to shine academically in the Common Entrance and CSEC examinations, receiving nods from dignitaries, beaming smiles from parents and teachers and other pleased individuals.

In the past, we have featured many of the island’s top students like, Dajr Alfred and Ravindra Mangar, both products of Saint Mary’s College, Laura Bruce, a Leon Hess graduate, and Prasams Surapaneni, a past student of the Plain View Combined, who performed exceptionally well at the Common Entrance Examinations in 2014.

Today, we are highlighting the remarkable achievement of young Ariel Albert, who topped this year’s Common Entrance Exams with96.67 percent.

Seeing that she topped the island in the Common Entrance Examinations, it comes as no surprise that 11-year-old Ariel Albert has always performed outstandingly academically.

A past student of the Dame Pearlette Primary School, a school known for its excellence, Ariel is now a freshman at one of the island’s leading secondary schools, St. Joseph’s Convent.

The student described her years at her Alma Mater as a rewarding experience, stating that one of her best moments there, was when she was awarded a merit for her academic excellence.

At her new school, Ariel is fitting in quite nicely—she has made a few friends and has her eyes set on the ‘Girl Guides’, which she intends to join, as she finds pleasure in assisting others.

Ariel, somewhat reticent, derives inspiration from family members like her mom, dad and grandmother and also praised deceased Saint Lucian Nobel Laureate Sir Arthur Lewis, for receiving the Nobel Prize in Economics.

In the future, the first year secondary school student hopes to be a president of some sort, perhaps of an organization, or the leader of a nation she said, as she likes taking control.

At home, the importance of school work is always being preached and based on her performance, the advice, no doubt, has gone a long way.

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