I know I am not the only one who is infuriated

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

I know I am not the only one who is infuriated; just plain sick and tired, with all the evil that is plaguing our island, and who wishes to see something more being done so that law abiding citizens can live a life, free from fear (in their very homes too)!

Many people choose their fate. I’m not one who encourages others to play victim because they grew up in the ‘lesser’ part of society. There are a number of successful people, ordinary just like you and I, as well as famous ones, who made something out of themselves because they wanted to prove that one does not have to be a victim to circumstances—they were resilient. Some never whined. Then there are those who are not as successful, but who are just as resilient, and make the best out of life, despite its cold feel at times.

My heart went out to the individuals whose house was broken into recently. I was furious:rich and poor, all work so hard for the things that they have attained over the years,but here comes the thief, barging in your home like he or she, or they, (whatever applies), owns it. Hence the reason individuals recently took it upon themselves to make an example out of a thief, by giving that individual a beating. By law, it is not right, however, I can only imagine their anger!

I know that some of you, currently, may only have ‘a dollar and a dream’. You do not have the luxuries that others possess; however, believe me when I tell you this: one day you can. No one can stand between you and your dreams. God gave you the power to dream and to work towards these aspirations.

I will tell you this: there is no one in this world who believes in me more than I do.Despite how unreachable my dream may seem now, I firmly believe that one day, I will reach my goal.

You can be successful without taking the wrong path, and throwing away your entire life. You are more than what they accuse you of being: ‘good for nothing’, ‘stupid’, ‘worthless’. You are more than that. You must believe that. You were placed here for a purpose and surely it was not to steal, kill and destroy but to be something more.

If you are already in, “in too deep”, and somehow stumble upon this: know that you can stop, even whenothers may say it is too late; it is never too late until God says it is. You can change: pray. People may laugh, but it is your life: take charge of it. You have the power to become something more.

God sees the good in people when others refuse to: it’s time for you to see it too, and make a change. You can, you can, you CAN.

Be inspired,

Rae A.

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