It’s always the little things…


Dear Diary,

The smallest things in life, many times, cause us to let out sighs of happiness. Like so many often say, “it’s always the little things…”

A few days ago, the aforesaid happened to me—it had not occurred in my personal life per say, but was a mere post I stumbled upon whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed. The image posted was one of teenaged siblings, who allowed a proud older sibling to capture a shot of themsharply dressed for their first day back at school.

In the caption, the older sibling stated that although the two bicker constantly, they are inseparable, and never leave the house without each other on school days. The image, but more importantly, the caption, captured my heart and I thought of the importance of love between siblings, and at the time I again wished that I had an English speaking older brother.

It breaks my heart when family members despise each other. Some who fight as a result of envy amongst other reasons. At the end of the day, those ill-feelings, despite the beliefs of some, are not worth it.

I am aware that not everyone shares my sentiments, as some individuals grew up in unfortunate circumstances and that may change their entire outlook. Bear in mind that as trite as this statement may seem, these circumstances, will allow you to become stronger. Also, if you never had a chance to create special moments with your family because of unfavourable circumstances, you can share those moments when you have a family of your own, instead of spewing hatred; some individuals tend to do so as they believe others should go through what they experienced.

After all, you knew what it felt like to be in that place and you would not want someone else to go through the same thing. That would be callous.

Those of you who have good relationships with your siblings and other family members, I encourage you to maintain it, because there is nothing on this earth like an unbreakable family bond.

With that said, I wish you all a fantastic weekend. One filled with endless laughter and other special moments.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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