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Since posting his first video in June titled ‘How crazy Lucian girlfriends act when they see u on the fone’, 21 year old Joel Morris has become a huge comedy knockout and any Saint. Lucian who has spent time on social media lately is sure to have come across him; and for good reason.

He displays the humorous side of typical Saint. Lucian conduct, issues and classlessness through dramatic and blissfully funny skits, which we all can relate to. In fact, this past Sunday I watched one of my favourite videos of his, which is a three part comical video representation of how ‘Lushans’ behave at funerals, and hesitantly, I must say his portrayal was spot on.

When asked about himself, Joel surprisingly described himself as being reserved and introverted– not exactly the flaming personality seen on video!

Why did you decide to post yourfirst and how did it feel?

“I have always been told that I’m funny and that I should post videos but being introverted I never wanted to put myself out there. Until, one night I decided to give it a try. I was scared and nervous.That is why my first video was only about 30 seconds long.”

Was this something you have always wanted to do? Did you expect such a positive response?

“Yes. I’ve been watching people online and sometimes I thought I could do it better.”“The goalwas for people to see the videos but I never expected it to be sowidely viewed.”

How do you come up with each story line?

“The way I see people act, mostly my cousins, friends at school, aunties and people on the street.”

The videos appear effortless and unforced unlike many others, are the skits scripted or do you improvise?

“Not scripted, it writes itself. I usually think of a starting and I start recording. I have an idea of where I want it to go then I would say whatever pops out.”

Why do you think the videos have resonated so well with people?

“Because it relates to them and Saint Lucian society. They probably know someone who acts like that or act like that themselves.”

Which is your favourite video?

“My favourite so far is ‘The Sidechick Chronicles Part 2’

The legendary Cecilia John is undoubtedly not to be messed with…Who is she and who does she represent?

“Cecilia John is Ah Waje. She is outspoken, stubborn and extreme. I never set out to have her as a main character, but I did more videos of Cecilia because people liked her.” She represents Saint Lucian women.”

All St. Lucian women?

“Yes because I do believe they all have a little bit of Cecilia John in them.”

Where exactly can our readers find your videos?

“Facebook: Joel Morris,YouTube: Jo Mo and Instagram:vediboi.”

I suggest that you go follow him if you want your social media feeds to be more hilarious than usual.

What can viewers expect to see from you in future? Any plans to introduce other permanent characters like Cecilia?

“More featured people and definitely more from Cecilia john.” “I don’t plan on adding anyone yet.”

One thing viewers cannot tell about you from the videos?

“I am not outspokenlike Cecilia John.People on the streetscall me Cecilia John because they can’t remember my name and I don’t know if they’re expecting Cecilia John.”

Finally is there anything else you would like to say?

“I would like to say thank you for all the support I have received.” #pleasentanks

By:Kylee Charlemagne

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