Miss Queen of Gros Islet

Aptly titled “The Vivacious 5”, the annual Miss Queen of Gros Islet pageant took place on Saturday August 30, at the Sandals Grande Hotel.

The pageant, known for its distinctiveness, over the years, has become a highly anticipated one, upping the ante, every year.

Melissa Harte, Chelsea Joseph, Chancy Fontenelle, Talia Hyacinth and Sheris Paul, made up “The Vivacious 5”.

From its commencement, it was clear that the event would be an engrossing one. The girls made their first appearance that night clad in pink attire, radiant as ever; they each gave an informative promotional speech.

Other segments included swimwear, costume, talent and creative wear. Each segment was a breath of fresh air, and the girls placed great effort into their performances.

In the talent segment, there was dance, drama and song. Although the talent segment is usually the most anticipated segment at pageants, at Miss Queen of Gros Islet, the costume segment, arguably, is the one patrons look forward to most, as it showcases impressive creativity.

The latter segment was breath-taking. Creativity peaked that night; the girls sauntered on stage in detailed gowns: a costume made with old DVDs, which produced a glittering effect, one created with bottle caps, dresses made of newspaper, amongst others.

There were a number of guest performers including singers Shayne Ross and Mighty J, as well as two dance groups.

After a packed and immensely pleasing events, the results were announced to an impatient audience: Chelsea Joseph was crowned Miss Queen of Gros Islet 2015, a title well deserved.

The full results for the show is as follows:

Miss Photogenic: Chancy Fontenelle

Miss Amity: Chancy Fontenelle

Miss Popularity: Chelsea Joseph

Most Tickets Sold: Chelsea Joseph

Best Promotional Speech: Melissa Hart

Best Costume: Chelsea Joseph

Best Performing Talent: Chancy Fontenelle

Best Creative Wear: Chancy Fontenelle

Best Interview: Chelsea Joseph

2nd Runner Up: Melissa Hart

1st Runner Up: Chancy Fontenelle

Miss Queen of Gros Islet 2015: Chelsea Joseph (received a $16, 000. 00 scholarship from Monroe College).

*Each contestant received a participation trophy.*

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