Recently, I lost a family member to a dreaded illness

Rae A.

Dear Diary,

I’ve skirted around this topic for a brief period however, ultimately had to discuss as I never know who may stumble upon my piece and may find it a source of encouragement.

Recently, I lost a family member to a dreaded illness. I berated myself as I had procrastinated often when it was time to visit that loved one, because I honestly thought I had time on my side. How daft of me.

I was exhausted (and lazy), from attending various work events, but mostly, exhausted. All I wanted to do on a weekend was spend time in bed, after I had gotten my chores done. I eventually went to see that family member, but it wasn’t till the final stages of the illness.

The horror that crept on mefor a long timeafter I had seen her is one I will never forget. The illness had taken a serious toll on her, and was merciless. I was angry with myself as I had wasted so much time.

I realized that despite how drained I felt, I should have made the sacrifice to visit that loved one in the early stages of the sickness. An “if only” moment, that could have been avoided.

I decided to share this bit with you, because this may encourage someone who is in a similar position, etcetera. Spending time with a loved one when they need you most can mean so much. I try my best to extend myself when my mom needs a hand, but in the aforementioned area, I failed to do so.

Sacrifice is essential, I know. Believe me I have made numerous sacrifices for the things that are important to me. However, I, no doubt, have to step it up even more.

With that said, I’ll add that most individuals do not appreciate when death, so imposing, comes knocking on their door. It still has not sunk in that that family member has died as yet. However, I know that at the end of the day, God gets us through the tough times and that we must praise Him nonetheless. In the good and bad times, always remind yourself.

Sometimes, even when my faith seems like it is diminishing quickly, because of the trying situations I encounter at times, I thank God for His many blessings, nonetheless, and trust that He will see me through—He has; always! God’s greatness never fails to amaze me.

Stay encouraged my loves,

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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