Terril Nicholas: An Illuminating Inspiration

Terril Nicholas

Terril Nicholas has been designing jewellery pieces practically her entire life and we can tell you this: she’s good at it.

The last of eight children, Terril was the only one who (thankfully!) took after her mother’s creative ways. In her small, yet comfortable space at home, which is also her place of work, Terril spends hours creating exquisite, detailed, unique jewellery pieces by hand.

Her array of creations include bracelets, rings, keyrings and necklaces. Out of all her creations, the “spoon necklace” is becoming increasingly popular. According to Terril, she is well-known for the aforesaid.

“I’m the only person doing the spoon necklace here in Saint Lucia and I can point out my work to you anywhere,” she said, adding that she had stopped a lady who was wearing her creation the day before her interview.

“I have worked in various fields, but all through the years I made jewellery because that’s my love. One of the things I always said was I would really like to have my own business and though I don’t have a place of my own, my business, Illuminating Designs,has been functioning for nine years now,” she shared.

And it’s doing rather well. This may come as a surprise as individuals locally with similar businesses usually take it up as a side activity and not a full time job, as financially, it can become a strain. However, Terril manages just fine as she believes in being disciplined.

“Most people go out of business after one year of being in business but I believe in persistence. You have to be committed to what you do—that’s when you have to work the hardest because having your own business does not mean that you could sleep for longer hours, or decidethat you’re not working today. You have to do what you have to do,” she said.

Terril admits that she is grateful for the Chinese stores on island, as she finds a number of pieces for her creations, however, she did concede that she is unable to find everything she needs, hence, the use of items like spoons as a substitute.

Terril Nicholas

Terril Nicholas

The designer, who finds immense pleasure in what she does, says that most times, her pieces are one of a kind, as she likes to ensure that her customers stand out in the crowd.

And believe it or not, according to Terril, she creates sixty rings an hour.

Pop-up shops, locally, are becoming an “it thing” and the jewellery designer says she is looking forward to having a few in the future.

In her down time, the mother of one, enjoy playing games on her tablet, listening and singing along to music, admitting that living with her daughter, “Miracle”, her pride and joy, allows her to keep up with contemporary music.

A free spirit and a welcoming burst of fresh air, she believes in seizing the day. “I believe that you should never allow a day to be wasted. Make the best of everyday— if it means that I have to create I will stay and create and if I want go sit at the biggest restaurant, I will. I’m like that.”

Terril, born and raised in Georgeville La Pansee, is living life to the fullest and in the best way possible: doing what she loves most.

Says Terril, “I’m fine, fabulous and 41” and we believe every word of it!

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Fb: Illuminating Designs/ Terril Nicholas

Instagram: creation_awaits

Telephone: 758-715-2855, 758-287-3717

Email: nicholast3773@gmail.com

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