The fear I had for this wonderful nation is rapidly being realized

The fear I had for this wonderful nation is rapidly being realized. A few years ago in conversation with a friend, we casually joked that one day the news of homicides will be so common that St. Lucians won’t be scared or surprised. A few days ago the news broke about a boy, who had barely lived life, gunned down while he slept. Prior to that, we heard of a gang members and families being wiped out and while the usual convenient cry or show of emotion fills our social media pages, hardly anyone is taken aback by the stark killings.

Our islanders have now gone from a folk who would shun and chastise criminals to folks who can’t wait for the next juicy scoop to create an online bush fire which they hope would result in a blaze of likes, comments and shares. We aren’t too concerned that a life was lost or that a family is grieving and or searching for answers; the mirage of power given to a select few by the council of social media (facebook) has not only fooled some into believing they have the right to be judge, juror, and executioner in some unfortunate cases, but now they can also be, wait for it, police, reporters and doctors.

This is where we get a failing grade as we have now enabled these individuals to continue their reign of terror by arming them with the tool needed to continue in their life on the other side of the law. We have successfully enabled them with an excuse, a flawed justification to commit crimes. Criminals thrive on knowing that their misdeeds are the talk of the town and the front page of newspapers. Some may say that it is more important than the air they breathe. Whenever they see persons asking ridiculous questions such as “what has happened in sweet Helen”, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Very seldom would these criminals come across a status that would point them in the right direction and for those wondering yes, there is a right direction and it doesn’t have to do with sports. We must educate and empower these young individuals. That is one of the avenues we can and should venture into that maybe be able to combat the agonizing serge in violent behaviour. The love for easy money can be quelled if we channel these individuals expertise, legal expertise.  Brother Bob Marley said it well and kudos to the many who do follow his words of wisdom “Don’t lose your soul for silver and gold”.

Kudos to you if you have decided to no longer be a statistic on the block. Big ups to you if you have gone and found your second chance. There is now a plethora of options available at your disposal so the excuse “nothing eh running” is null and void. Go out there believe in yourself and make it happen. Success isn’t gained without sweat, tears and pain. Be the spark that shines a positive light on your island as opposed to mark that meres a stain of shame.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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