The thief who had his extracurricular activity foiled

Hey Yo! readers, I take it that after a long productive week everyone is ready to wind down and take the load off this weekend. I know with all what I have been reading and seeing, I more than welcome our two day break.

We have a few things to address in this weekend’s Slouch. First of all the recent video of a thief who had his extracurricular activity foiled by a vigilant neighbour. I am sure you guys saw the star of the latest internet sensation beg and plead for something we would never associate individuals of his guild with. You guessed it, the robber even before he was given the rod of correction from a few Robin Hoods, begged and pleaded to have the police called to the scene to assist him. Such cries fell on deaf ears and what happened afterwards can be viewed by some as justified or vigilante.

The public outcry to that situation shed a new light on the way persons react when criminals are caught. It opened the eyes of many as persons took to their favourite websites and talk shows to voice their support for or against the actions taken by the residents of the Castries community. But what was most alarming was the revelation that the young man was gainfully employed so he really had no excuse for breaking into the home of the vacationing occupants and stealing.

This now begs an answer for a question not many have asked? Is it really because of hard times or as they say on the block “none eh running uh” that young men and a few women participate in illegal activities? Can we continue to blame the government and lament on the lack of job creation as the staple for the increase in violent crimes and drug related offences? Do we dare blame the lack of opportunities for the average man both sporting and academically? The reasons we have always been used to hearing for years was trumped swiftly when we learnt that not only was this man employed but he was allegedly on sick leave when he carried out his sinister plan.

Now I know some of you reading will say he had a job but look at me I am not qualified, I didn’t finish school. That’s the wrong mentality to have young people; there are endless opportunities out there just waiting for you to grasp them. Yes, I know there are many people who would much rather paint the picture that these chances are few and are seldom available to the average individual. That is wrong. I implore you to always keep your eyes opened and liaise with your teachers, listen to the radio and be sure to catch the news on television for any available opportunity.

At the moment, C.X.C is giving persons without C.X.C qualifications the chance at a second chance. You have a chance to be qualified and to get that job you are looking for. Don’t resort to stealing or anything illegal no matter how hard times maybe. Do yourself that favour and look at how you can empower yourself with the power of education. The only person holding you back from this exciting and rewarding transformation is you. Make a difference today!

Have a good weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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