My analysis:
The problem is; what is going on?
The way you talk, the way you act
Is this how it always used to be?
Are you being true to me anymore or even to yourself?
As you hide your testimony in the story of your music
Wasn’t my friendship worth everlasting?

And if you ask, is it us that I am talking about?
Then you are as guilty as sin in a court of law
I am not envious or a jealous part
But just feel sadness inside my heart
That once upon a time, we were like two peas in a pod

As I watch from a distance
I begin to figure out this 1000 piece puzzle
It’s the little features that help me, it’s the little things that you didn’t do,
That you do for them
Is it me over analysing? OR….
Is it you fooling yourself into thinking everything is the same?

I have a conclusion or should I say a hypothesis of my
Analysis in twelve simple words
“We have just grown too far apart from each other’s friendship hearts?”

By Jaylo

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