Ever since I left secondary I have not been interested in school

Dear Helpline,

I’m 17 years old, and ever since I left secondary I have not been interested in school, maybe even before that. The only reason I chose to do business subjects and I’m going to college nowis just to make my family happy.

So far for the first semester I have been skipping many if not all of the classes. My parents think that I’m really going to school when I am really not – I am at the school but not at school if you get what I mean. I’m just getting tired of this and I know if I was to tell my parents the truth I would be like the “loser” of the family. I have 2 brothers. Both of them have great jobs and were all great students.

My real passion lies in nursing and that for sure will get me into a class room. I’m interested in those hands-on schools, but I just don’t know how to tell my parents. I’m just tired of them thinking that I go to school when I really don’t. What do you advise me?

Oc. Four

DearOc. Four,

We are going to tell you something I believe you aren’t expecting and that is we applaude you for finding the courage to finally come out and tell your parents that you have been pretending to be the student the envisaged. Why are we applauding you? Simple because it shows that behind the little delinquent is an individual with integrity and maturity.

Don’t think we aren’t going to hold you accountable for having your parents spend money to allow you a higher education because to put it plain and simple that is not cool.

We can’t help but wonder what happened to you between Secondary school and now because clarly you loved learning then as you indicated in your letter. Before you take the route and speak with your parents, we would like to recommend you speak with one of the counselor at your college. Believe me you are not the first student who has lost the zeal to learn and I’m pretty certain that after speaking with a counselor at your school you will have a clear and better idea of where your true passions really lie.

The talk can even help you plan for the next big move and then you can take it to your parents to discuss what YOUR plans are. I am sure that they would rather have another successful sibling in the family as opposed to one who just did it because it was what made the family happy.

So, go have that talk with the counselor… get set in the right direction, and then… Talk with your parents.

You will be good!

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