None is greater than that of competition


It was American politician and lawyer Henry Clay who said of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition. After my experience with two respected teams in a competition over the weekend these words rang true to my Slouch this weekend.

The word or rather the act of competition is often frowned on by certain people as the reason for hatred among peers and a resentful attitude that lasts a lifetime.

I am a firm believer that with competition people will endeavour to be at their best in order to succeed and the end result will be nothing short of spectacular. Let’s take a look at this scenario for example if two known individuals (for example Bolt and Gatlin) are always trying to out run the other in a certain event. I am sure fans and promoters alike are quicker going to look forward to that specific event than any other.

Some of us, however, can’t see the positives in competition and would rather do away with the word or compete in a certain field on their own. Now tell me how can you feel good about yourself knowing that you won a competition against you? How can you expect to be better if there is no one but yourself competing?

According to, “without competition, you’d be on cruise control, without a care or worry in the world. This makes you vulnerable and prone for mistakes that can be costly. With competition around, you are more likely to keep your eyes open and capture every detail along the way so that you remain on top of your game. Competition makes you see things that you normally would not bother noticing.”

They also went on to advise that “with competition, you have a way to measure how well or how poorly you are doing. Knowing what you are good at and what you are not is extremely important, because success is all about accentuating your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.” So in a nutshell, competition helps you understand or allows you to notice what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

I look at competition as an avenue to motivate and teach people the best way to accept a victory or a loss. One must be able handle when he or she is not at the number one spot anymore and should his competitive nature kick in, demand a rematch. Yes, a loss hurts but it should not consume your every being.

So for this weekend, challenge yourself into a little competition. Now don’t go daring each other and calling it competition; there is a clear difference between the two!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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