It was a day for cars and sound. The annual Thanksgiving southern charity event returned this but this time in a more spacious and convenient venue, the Phillip Marcelin Grounds in the heart of Vieux Fort town. This year’s event dubbed Sound Warz Vintage, featured a Sound Clash and Car Show.

The Car Show occupied the earlier part of the afternoon and patrons were urged to take in the different models BMW, AUDI, and TOYOTA among others on display.  The Sound Clash followed immediately after and featured three sound categories, Rookie, Street and Ultimate.

In the Rookie category Joseph Leon captured first place while Rondell Springer and Kerry Francis placed second and third respectively. The Streets category was keenly contested and recorded the most entrants but in the end the plaudits went to NyaimJames. The much talked about and sought after category, Ultimate saw the giants Hot Rod and Green Hornet square off against each other with Hot Rod promising to give all his earnings to the Leo’s Club of Vieux Fort should he emerge victorious.

A test tune and six tracks later coupled with a performance by Jay Budz, D’Sean and Blackboy and the models from the fashion house En vogue, the results confirmed that Hot Rod edged Green Hornet in the Ultimate category.

An added bonus, the Grudge Match between sound rivals Green Hornet and Hot Rod ensued to determine The People’s Choice. In format similar to a “D.J. Dub v Dub” each vehicles were given five songs each to wow the crowd. At the end of the match the crowd award The People’s Choice award to Green Hornet.

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