The finer things in life


The desire to have the finer things in life seems to have taken over the good and sound judgement our young men would usually display. A few weeks ago we heard and saw a report on a young man, gainfully employed at one of the leading fast food restaurants being served some vigilante justice by an angry mob of neighbours. One would think that this would send a stark warning to would be criminals that this and other neighbourhoods on this island would not stand for such criminal activity, but alas, a few idle hands and minds missed the memo.

A few days ago a young lady was stalked after she had been robbed of her belongings. The brazen act took place in broad daylight but thanks to her alerting her neighbours by screaming and actions that would leave Usain Bolt in scampering for second place. Of course the thieves were caught off guard and one of the infidels caught and had to endure the shame of explaining his actions to yet another angry neighbourhood.

As I alluded to earlier the need to have the finer things such as name brand shoes, jewellery, and large sums of money on our person seems to have clouded their good judgement, but what our young men don’t realize is that the ability to be styling and profiling can be achieved by far less life threatening means. The world of legal hustling is easily accessible especially for young creative minds like those boys who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

There is no need to fret if you didn’t finish secondary school because available right now in St. Lucia is the 2nd Chance opportunity. What this will do for you is certify you in a field of your choice to further boost your ability to get hired in the world of work. If you can take the time out of your day to organize an activity that will surely land you behind bars or bring shame to your family then you can definitely make time for this life changing legal venture.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenage parent, have two, one or no education certificates, you don’t understand English or Maths very well, you’re unemployed or working for a minimum wage, you don’t have the skills to get a better job or do better in life, you just don’t get how people say you should behave, you’ve been beaten up or abused; you’ve had a problem with drugs, you try really hard not to be violent but you can’t control it easily or you’ve got a criminal record, take the challenge, it will be the most rewarding decision you will make in your lifetime.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless!


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