The remarks that were made were so harsh

Rae A.

Dear Diary,

Recently, I listened with great annoyance as an individual made flippant remarks to an acquaintance and it took a whole lot of self-control to refrain from interjecting as I instinctively knew that the individual would not receive my comments, or two cents, well.

The thing is, the individual, when bashing the other, intended to be harmless. However, the remarks that were made were so harsh, I wondered how on earth one could possibly think that those biting remarks would not affect the other person. I was itching to stand up for the other individual, who seemed helpless, however, because of the individual’s infamous demeanour, I opted to stay out of it.

Had this situation occurred elsewhere, I would have made my thoughts known, however, neither the place nor time, was appropriate.

This situation allowed me to give greater thought to the words that escape my mouth. So many times, we make careless remarks, never with the intention of hurting those we care about. We think it is all in the name of good fun, however, fail to realize that the individual does not appreciate our brutal remarks. But really and truly, who enjoys remarks of those kind? Hence the reason we must be careful when we speak.

I, realized that I too am guilty of this, however, never to the extent of what I had witnessed. Even then, I have to check myself and I advise you, to make an effort to do the same.

Now of course, this does not mean, you can’t have some good sessions teasing friends. That can be loads of fun! However, we must know when and where.

With that said, I just want to let you know that come tomorrow God willing, I will be graduating from college. For now, I have completed my studies in journalism. Like I mentioned before, it was a gruelling journey, and often, I cried along the way, and felt like throwing in the towel. But I worked so hard to attain this, there was no way that I was giving that up.

This is just the first step and I know that in the future, it will be tougher, and my initial experience will seem laughable. But, I will get there.

Skipping on to other things, I missed Oktoberfest this year and I’m rather bummed out as I love the atmosphere. I know I am not the only one who is eager for the endless Creole celebrations. Those are the best!

P.S, I start vacation on Monday God willing and will be out for a while! I’ll miss chatting with you, but I’m sure when I return, I will have lots to share with you.

I’m off to have some much needed fun guys!

Take care, love always,

Rae A.

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