Waiting on My Rainbow

No more ocean filled tears rainy day gray clouds have went away
No more currents underneath the water pulling me in to you even though the pain has not subsided
And it feels like it continues to increase even though my body feels like it’s been torn in two because one wants to stay and the other is just confused
(all though my head’s underwater but I’m breathing fine ) like the John Legend song I gave you all of me but fill like I did not receive the same from you so I let go of the rain and I embrace the pain
And I thank God every day for allowing me to feel love for the first time for I am still alive
Now I will live my life never stopping till I find myself again never forgetting the lesson I have learned even though I’m under This water God allows me to breathe
I’m no longer the girl I was but now the Lady I am on my way to being a better woman I am supposed to be so I thank you for the rainy days and the gray clouds but right now I am waiting on ma Rainbow……..

Written By LoveFairyIsidore

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