Crowning Mr.& Miss LHCSS at 30

As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School staged their annual Mr.  & Miss LHCSS Pageant at the school on Monday 26 October in a massive fanfare which included parents, current and past students, teachers, other faculty members and well-wishers.

A school with a student body budding with talent, promised an entertaining afternoon and it didn’t disappoint. The pageant featured Xion St. Pierre, Ronald Polius, Christopher Napoleon, Diego Francois, Justice Hippolyte, Crystal Moncherry, Charlene Jospeh, Abigail Prospere, Shantel John and Derrelle Dubois, all vying for the coveted title of Mr. & Miss Leon Hess Comprehensive.

The contestants immediately created a friendly but competitive atmosphere when they were presented in the opening number and one even warned her fellow contestants that “they should bring it, because she was in it to win it”. Needless to say that comment brought much applause and roars of approval from the audience.

A massive task for the three judges on the day proved even more monumental when each contestant attempted to outclass each other in their respective categories. Each student with their own unique display, entertained the audience in song, dance, drama, spoken word and even comedy.

Entertainment wasn’t amiss as all were kept thoroughly entertained by the two hosts, both past students of the secondary school, Kiedel Sonny and Al Alexander. The current crop of students weren’t about to be undone as they too contributed to the pageant with dance by the Form 5 Girls  and a hilarious drama piece entitled, at a St. Lucian Wedding Reception.

Closer to the end of the show the crowd had already deemed the two students worthy of the sought-after title, but as with any competition the decision was left to the judges. As the judges deliberated and the contestants anxiously awaited the results, nerves were calmed with a groovy performance by St. Lucia’s reigning Groovy King, Arthur.

The moment all had been waiting for was presented to the two comedic hosts who made the announcement of the results. Roland Polius and Diego Francis placed third and second respectively as Christopher Napoleon was crowned the new Mr. LHCSS. The girls garnered more anticipation from both students and parents. Abigail Prospere and Crystal Moncherry placed third and second respectively and the crowd favourite, first form student, Charlene Joseph was crowned Miss LHCSS.

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