Kwéyòl, as spoken in St. Lucia, is unique despite the fact that it is easily understood by Creole speakers in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Grenada and Dominica where there are varying degrees of difference. It plays a central role in local culture, religion, politics and economics and serves as an appropriate link for Creole speakers in the Americas and the Indian Ocean. (Jn Pierre, 2003:28)

The above is a direct quote taken from the Folk Research Centre’s website,  It speaks of a language’s pivotal role in defining a society and holistically, a country or in our case an island. Many have argued if the Kwéyòl spoken by many deserves a place in our school’s curriculum, judging from the immense talent we witnessed at the Vide Boutielle Secondary School in the recently complete Jennes Kwéyòl pageant, the students are more ready than most may think.

The students and staff of the Vide Boutielle Secondary School used the celebration of our past Creole activities to teach a packed auditorium about our culture in a Kwéyòl pageant style.  The JennesKwéyòl pageant created an avenue for ten students to showcase their talent and command of the Kwéyòl language.

The pageant kicked off with a welcome address, prayers and the national anthem which was led by teacher, Mrs. Dosserie. We quickly moved into the house rules and students were then offered a glimpse of the contestants vying for the prestigious title of Jennes Kwéyòl.

The contestants MichellaFregis, Zaina St. Claire, Elisha King, Janai Thomas,Mackey Serieux, Jamie-Lee James, and Quint Dornelleyappeared in various categories including talent, evening and interview but not before the audience were wowed and tickled with master puppetry from the Theatre Arts crew and Riddles from the emcees. The show carried on for approximately three hours with students participating in quizzes to win prizes.

The pageant was capped off with the announcement of that Janai Thomas andElisha King had won the judges over and would be the 2015 Jennes Kwéyòl King and Queen. The final result was favourable among the students and as many rushed to congratulate the new King and Queen, the confirmation of the highly anticipated after pageant activity was made much to the jubilation of the students.

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