When one thinks of the Saint Mary’s College, adjectives such as greatness, hard-working and successful are a few of the describing words that would come to mind – and for good reason. The school has been the epitome of success from its inception and the school’s code ensures that the esteemed gentlemen who enter through their gates exit with a blue print to conquer whatever challenges the world may lay before them. Hard work and determination is the corner stone of one’s success but as the old saying goes all work and no play, makes Jack a very dull boy.

Last week Friday, October 17 the young boys from the College were at play once again, hosting their highly successful and sold-out event Talfest. The National Cultural Centre, which has hosted shows such as the National Queen Show and Calypso Tents once again saw a mammoth wall to wall audience the majority of whom hadn’t passed the age of 17 – a clear indication at how much the event itself has evolved.

According to one patron who happened to let these words out during a rare break from screaming, “My friends and I make it our duty to attend the show every year, just to participate in Talfest. We secretly wished they would invite other schools to portray their talents with them”.

A “Talfest super fan” commented on what she considered the highlight of the show. “The boys thrilled the audience with original skits, mimicking their favourite television and radio personalities, bus drivers and shopkeepers; we especially enjoyed the dance moves, models and the lip sync battle by the teachers”, she said as she hurried to her parents who clearly had been given pick up duties like many on the night.

It was a show unlike any other and a turn out we had come to expect from Talfest. The talent expose’ introduced the audience to a wealth of talent (singing, dancing and drama among others) that is being nurtured at the all-male Catholic secondary school which still boasts the accolade of being the only Saint Lucian secondary school to have produced a Nobel laureate, producing the island’s two Nobel laureates: Sir William Arthur Lewis and Hon. Derek Alton Walcott.

Our biggest question to the teachers and producers of Talfest how can you top this year’s performance?

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