I am thirteen and have not seen my menstrual cycle yet

Dear Helpline,

I am thirteen and have not seen my menstrual cycle yet. All my friends have theirs already and I feel weird. Is something wrong with my body?

Dear Anonymous,

Most likely, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body; it’s probably just being a tad stubborn or your body simply is not ready yet. I’m positive it’s nothing to worry about. Everyone is made differently. Some of us develop more quickly than others, some at what seems like a sluggish pace. Some people actually experience their first menstrual cycle when they are in their late teens! Yes, you read correctly.

In most cases, these are normal individuals who just had a late start. For some, it’s more serious. You are only thirteen, however, so you shouldn’t worry your pretty little head. I can tell you one thing, most girls and women don’t look forward to their menstrual cycle, as it’s usually painful and sometimes causes nausea; enjoy your ‘freedom’ while it lasts! You’ll manage when you get there, however. Hot tea and pills, (the right dose of course), are your best friends during that period.

I’m sure you are fine my love and truthfully, the wait comes quicker than you expect. Till then, keep doing the things you love most. Enjoy your weekend sunshine!

N.B: You can always double check with a General Practitioner for a more solid opinion.

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