Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Last year, their re-enactment of children’spopularmusical fantasy film “Frozen”, received high praises. This year was no different. On Sunday 5, December, Motion Studios premiered “Beauty and the Beast” at the Johnson’s Centre in Rodney Bay; their take of the well-loved Disney film was spectacular—a theatrical dream.


Dimmed lights, elaborate costumes, suspenseful music and synchronized dance movesmade it a memorable event;the young female dancers executed their moves effortlessly.Even more impressive was the fact that there were many infant performers who, likewise, performed flawlessly.


An end of year dance theatrical production held primarily for the dancers, the event is an annual one which is held “so that they can have something to look forward to”,managing director of Motion Studios Tennail Thomas-Wolfe told YO! in an interview.



According to Tennail who is a well-known and respected dance instructor, and who currently takes on a class of 70, (kids), the training process was an arduous two months, however, despite a few hiccups, is pleased with what they were able to achieve and is especially proud of her dancers who performed exceptionally.


The show, seemingly brief, as it was a gripping one, ended at 6:00 p.m. However, the night was not over as there were several giveaways. Lucky ticket holders won prizes like spa treatments, coupons, and free dance lessons. Children in attendance were gifted with toys and shortly after attendees were treated to light refreshments.


Overall, the event was sublime, and we’re certain many are looking forward to next year’s production.


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