It’s amazing how many likes you can get when you are being critical

It’s amazing how many likes you can get when you are being critical or even poking fun at a certain subject but when the status becomes too serious your friends ignore that like button. That was a status posted by one of my Facebook friends and would you believe that had me thinking. Are people really taking the statuses they read online seriously or are they just reading it for their own piece of entertainment, after all no one wants to be super serious all the time, right?

Social media, more specifically, Facebook has been used for many things since it broke away from its College only cocoon. Now persons have forgotten about full biographies and websites and just pop up a Facebook page littered with pictures to tell their story, the more, the better and interesting the fable. Of course there may be a three line description that is subject to the availability of time between updating statuses and pictures.

I have overserved that in order to be taken seriously, your message must come from a reliable source—someone who has gained the trust of the massive population online. Most times such a source has been an international news website or reporter; for some reason we have a hard time trusting our local news sites, well with the exception of The VOICE.

The observation my friend made was one that I have seen a lot of comments about, and it isn’t quite difficult to understand why he wasn’t getting those likes. The majority of his friends and followers visit his page because of the comedy or controversial statuses he would normally post. It is almost like a drug for them and they must get that quick fix; but change the game on them unexpectedly and it’s almost like they are unsure of what to do.

In a recent article an individual pointed out that the only reason they continued to use Facebook was because it allowed them a place to interact with friends and family in a single arena as well as affording themthe ability to interact and “participate” in their lives even though they were unable to physically.

So folks when those super serious statuses aren’t generating the traffic that we so desire, don’t take it personal or think your friendship world is ending, more than likely it is because your friends are probably trying to find the real you, or maybe reporting to facebook that your account is hacked!

Take care ya’ll and have a fun weekend.

God bless.


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