It’s Poetry in Motion


It’s not every day we get a chance to be a part of history or create something that many will remember a millennia from now. The zeal to create memorable experiences seems insignificant for many and according to a few “aristocrats” the age of creating Albert Einsteins or record breaking events have all but fallen on the wayside.

Well, Barry George and the Silver Shadow Dance Academy haven’t conformed to that belief and have endeavoured to prove that not only is the next genius still not been found but that genius may well be a dance step away from recognition.


Silver Shadow Dancers as they are commonly called has long been a household name both locally and regionally. The group’s resume boasts participations in dance productions in countries as far as Suriname and Haiti each time flying our flag high and exposing the world to true Saint Lucian culture through dance.

Often described as a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement with aesthetic and symbolic value, dance has and continues to be an important staple in the lives of each Silver Shadow Dance Academy member. For Barry George he firmly believes that with dances many life-changing opportunities can arise for any individual who earnestly appreciates the art form.


Over the years the Silver Shadow Dancers have staged various productions such as Caged, Dance of the Villagers, Break Out, Drum Song and Dance Mirage. This year is no different as the Academy is giving all a chance to be a part of their showcase, Poetry In Motion come December 18 2015. Dubbed “The Last Showcase”, Poetry in Motion promises to transform the National Cultural Centre into a historical artistic setting that promises will display the wealth of talent of Saint Lucia’s dancers.

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