My brother’s girlfriend always makes fun of me

Dear Helpline,

My brother’s girlfriend always makes fun of me and he never defends me. I wish he would. I really don’t like her coming around because she always finds some fault in me. It really makes me feel bad. How do I get her to stop making fun of me?

Dear Anonymous,

It is possible that your brother thinks that his girlfriend means no harm and thinks she is just doing this in a playful manner. However, you need to voice your thoughts since this is affecting you. Let your brother know that his girlfriend’s constant ridiculing hurts your feelings and that he should step in; put an end to the situation. Ensure that you’re serious so that he does not treat the situation like a joke. If he has spoken to her and she continues to do so, you should let her know how you feel. Be serious and also respectful. Hopefully, after this, she’ll give you a break. If the situation persists after you tried the various suggestions, you can try going over to a friend’s house, going to your room or listening to music when she is around. This may prove to be a little difficult if you have to do so constantly. The best thing to do however, is to ignore her. This too may be difficult, however, when she realizes that you continue to pay her no mind, she will most likely leave you alone.

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