Team Work Makes The Dream Work

“How many of us are familiar with the term TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK?

I FIRMLY believe that for students to achieve a comprehensive, well-rounded education, integrated or combined teamwork on several fronts is vital. Teamwork is necessary between students, among students and teachers, and among parents and educators. The more teamwork fundamentals exhibited, the more opportunity exists for students to learn the vital skills of compromise and collaboration.

Take some time and think about this and I am sure you will agree with me that, group work, helps most of us better understand and complete our assignments quickly. If you are placed in a group where each individual works for the other then you must concur that is easier than when we are placed in individual settings.

It would be remiss of me if I just stood here today and pretended that all of the successes lie at the feet of hard work and unity. There is one more ingredient needed to ensure success at all costs and that is your spiritual relationship. Overcoming life’s hurdles (and don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young to have struggles) some of you go through life struggles that adults twice your age have only had nightmares about. Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Drug abuse are just a few of the struggles that you young people have to face.

While I will settle with the norm of talking about your problems out with a counsellor or an adult I will implore you to have a closer connection spiritually.

I remember in a Christian Education class a teacher saying a prayer a day keeps the devil away. Back then, my friends and I …. Well more my friends… “I was a good boy… never gave no trouble…” We used to laugh and question why she had made her way to class if a prayer a day really worked.

I’m going to give you some knowledge that I wasn’t privy to. Spirituality and spiritual practices (which includes prayer) can act as a leaven to affect positively the character of our culture, communities and institutions.  In other words, in order to become the noble and model citizens that our parents and teachers expect us to be, we must make time for prayer in our school and personal life.  We shouldn’t wait for the day of exams to start praying that God helps us to pass an exam – we should have been praying during our times of studying that God helps us understand what we are reading and in turn gives us the strength to ace the exam.

From its inception, your school is one that faced and continues to face numerous struggles, but it continues to cater to the needs of the students both from urban and rural areas. It has provided a golden opportunity to the students from poor economic conditions to be imparted quality education. Your teachers are dedicated and committed and even in the wake of dealing with many conflicting personalities, they wear a badge of friendliness and care for you the students that is evident in the numerous extra-curricular activities focused for your all-round development as can be seen in the schedule of your calendar of activities.

Despite all attempts by many to continue to label the deficiencies and highlight our school’s shortcomings, the George Charles Secondary School continues to lead while others hide and follow.

Finally, I expect the contributions of teachers, students and all other stakeholders will certainly help our school to continue to thrive in the future. Wishing once again a year of success and glory, Happy 24th George Charles and always remember Strength in Numbers…TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!”

My Slouch this weekend was an excerpt from my keynote address delivered at the George Charles Secondary School’s 24th Anniversary.  The celebration was held under the theme George Charles Secondary School: Uniting through Prayer and Teamwork to Over Come our Struggles.

Happy 24th S.G.C.S.S. and God bless.


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