The exchange between the students is one I won’t forget in a hurry

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

I hadn’t taken the bus in ages. (Unfortunately that’s about to change—who doesn’t enjoy getting chauffeured around?) Boy was I in for an earful when I went back to my ‘regular’ way of commute! It was a school day, hence, there were quite a bit of student passengers. The exchange between the students is one I won’t forget in a hurry.

There were a handful of adult passengers and the look on their faces told me all I needed to know—they were just as disbelieving as I was and were horrified. The dialogue was one filled with never ending expletives, expletives in the most distasteful form if you please.

Now I know, some may say I should know better—I should.Students (some), of today are nothing like those ten years ago. Not that those ten years ago were all innocent, but the “sins” then are vastly different from today’s “sins”.

Of course, parents, (some), can’t be blamed, as they have played their parts; children choose to adhere to what they want, and some adopt a new personality when they are away from them.

Students, I know the school years are thrilling—being in the prime of your youth, having a terrific social circle and not having a care in the world, as really and truly you haven’t entered the world yet. Sometimes, you make mistakes, those you think will never haunt you in the future.

After all, how can ‘sending a nude’ to your crush possibly affect you in the future? How can posting inappropriate content on the internet affect you ten years from now?

We’ve had this discussion before. Years and years from now, when you’re ready to open a new chapter and have long forgotten about your past, it resurfaces, in the most untimely fashion.

Expletives may not seem bad, but don’t be fooled. In your school years, you will want to join a number of clubs. The Students’ Council, or ‘Peer Helpers’perhaps, however, if you are well known for the aforementioned, the chances of that happening is usually nonexistent. You may not want to be a member of these clubs and that’s okay. However, keep in mind that being a member of clubs like these looks good on a student and work résumé.

At the end of the day, putting the abovementioned aside, it’s important to be a good student. Wouldn’t you like to be praised for your good character rather than be known as the student who had no respect or a “good for nothing?”

Teachers take notes of these things; other members of society too. These individuals can give recommendations unbeknownst to you, and likewise, can suggest that others pay no mind to you as you are not of decent character.

You will discover the points listed go a long way. I made quite a few mistakes in my school years; some I wish could take back—make the best of yours.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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