What a year!


Dear Diary,

What a year! We’ve all had our highs and lows and the lows for some, were challenging and difficult to conquer. I’ve had my moments.

Some roads I wish I could have opted out of, but then more importantly I realized had I not gone down those routes, I would not have matured in some ways and expand my way of thinking. Still, the burn is so painful that we sometimes wish that we didn’t have to experience it altogether but such is life.

Likewise, I’ve had my glorious moments; moments I relished and wished could last forever. Setting a goal and more importantly, achieving that goal. There is no greater feeling when that goal is one that sometimes seems unattainable, unreachable. I look forward to opening a new chapter in the year 2016, God willing. Starting afresh can be exciting and sometimes along the way it gets unbearable but determination goes a long way. Anything that’s worth it usually comes with sweat and tears; let’s not forget the impatience to get there.

I know many of you probably wished that you had applied yourself more; next time around, give it your all and you will be pleased, I assure you, you will.

Like you may know already, this is our last issue for the year. I hope that you enjoyed all of our publications and I promise we will be working tirelessly to bring you better things in the New Year. One can’t stay in the same place after all. Growth is essential in many if not all aspects of life.

I met so many new people and I’ve learned so much and I thank our readers for that.

I truly hope you make this Christmas a special one, despite how much or little you have. Spending time with your loved ones, exchanging laughter and tears are defining moments. Remember to make it a practice; don’t make it a “Christmas thing”. Family should often spend time together. It creates an unbreakable bond.

As for me, I am excited and impatiently waiting for Christmas. It brings out the child in me: the decorations, the movies, hot cocoa and marshmallows, the smiles, the warmth, the gifts (obviously) and the sheer magic of Christmas means so much to me.

I am thankful for life. “Life is worth living.” And though it’s grueling at times and it takes every ounce of strength of us to live, it’s pure magic in every sense.

Happy holidays everyone!

Love always,

Rae A.

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