Another Star is Born

It’s a competition that has become one of the most important staples in the life of both amateur and professional musicians and dancers. Caribbean Youthfest, a singing and dancing competition held annually in the south of the island save for one year, in December attracted what was arguably its biggest audience to date. A change of venue welcomed numbers that may have well overflowed passed the thousand mark as St. Lucians flocked to the Phillip Marcelin Grounds to experience the competition that had been raved ever since 2015 began.

The competition kept to its usual criteria with the teens and twenties showing off their vocal prowess ensuring that the judges receive a mammoth task in declaring a winner. A total of seventeen St. Lucians and two natives from St. Vincent battled for the glory of winning their respective categories and the overall prize, the right to be called Youth Star 2015.

In the end it was Shanne James (twenties) and Shan Lucien (teens) who received the nod from the judges for their respective categories.  Although with the victory came a monetary prize and each performer was promised an appearance fee, the two waited anxiously to hear who had won the coveted Youth Star title and the $5000.00 cash prize. In the end it was Shanne James who had secured the overall title of Youth Star 2015.

The quality of competition rivalled the ambience of the new venue and the recordrise in audience numbers. The side attractions provided by the Imani Models, The Mecca, Evolucian Band, and our Soca artistes Ezra, Groovy Monarch Arthur and Micheal Robinson, just to name a few were an added bonus to frenzy.

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